ABIL is a Luxembourg based company
specialized in risk management, advisory and
insurance brokerage services, focusing in particular
on companies active in the financial, advisory
and technological sectors, as well as on large
The name stands for “Advisory, Brokerage and
Insurance Leaders”.
The company is validly registered as an insurance
broker (number 2016CM010) and is supervised by
the Commissariat Aux Assurances in Luxembourg.

It also has the abilities to serve clients in multiple
jurisdictions, either directly or through local partners.
ABIL brings together tremendous experience in risk
management and insurance acquired while serving
in foremost banks, insurance companies, brokerage
and advisory firms.
The team enjoys any opportunity to share knowledge
and expertise with directors, CEO, CFO or risk

About Assurances Consulting Courtage S.A.

ACC is a reference shareholder and non-managing partner of ABIL. It is a Luxembourg based insurance broker, founded by Thierry Vinaschi and Nuno Pimenta after having closely cooperated for 9 years with Swiss Life. With over 15 years of experience in the market, ACC has acquired a sterling reputation in providing life & non-life brokerage services to corporate & individual clients. For more information please visit their website: