Our Services

Our services include:
• advisory related to corporate risk governance
and risk management: project management,
feasibility studies, gathering of information
among group’s entities, various assignments…;
• intermediation in insurance and reinsurance;
• review and comparison of insurance policies;
• setting-up of risk management tools;
• definition of risk retention/transfer strategies, on
balance sheet or via reinsurance captives;
• implementation of risk finance or alternative risk
transfer program;
• independent directorship.

We recognize that business leaders own their risks and are best placed to manage them.

The Board of Directors on the other hand defines
the risks governance and the risk appetite.
Effective communication between the Board,
the Risk Manager and the business leaders is
therefore crucial, whatever the type of organization
(centralized or decentralized). This is why we aim
to collaborate with all of those parties in order to
identify real needs and provide answers that make